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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Snogaine 09

The Ski-O was cancelled this year....then at the last minute it was on again! The Ski-O transformed into a Snow-Rogaine and hence a Snogaine...not to be confused with the JWOC party either!

A dedicated group of individuals travelled up/down to Wanaka to take part. I was roped in at the very last minute and with a little bit of convincing I was off as well. The weather really turned it on and the snow conditions were brilliant.

The Snogaine was won by Matt Scott and Lara Prince, who skated their way to victory, followed by Jamie, Penny and her cousin Sam Kane. Fraser Mills who has recently moved to Wanaka and his team mate finished third. Having a Rogaine world champ in my team I thought I would have a good chance at doing well...but as it turns out being good at running doesn't translate to automatically being good at XC skiing...

Day Two's activity was just a straight Biathlon (NZ's First Biathlon of the year what's more), no navigation required...but it was still just as good as Snogaining. Set up by New Zealand Biathlete and "Caniwi" Sarah Murphy, we shot at targets with laser guns twice and skied a loop of around 2kms three times. for every shot missed, you had to do a ~50m penalty loop. JP or John-Paul Lilburne who stepped in at the last minute and organised the Snogaine took out the Biathlon with his superior skiing ability...not so much his shooting... Matt was second and Lara third all finishing under 30mins on skate ski's.

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