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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

O-Ringen 2009

Yep you guessed it, its O-Ringen time again. There is a few Kiwi's out there in the forests of Småland and of course our very own HP director Carsten Joergensen!

Paul Ireland elaborates:

While we carry on, generally with less enthusiasm, training in the lovely wet and cool weather there are a number of lucky kiwis who have got themselves over to the amazing Swedish 5 day event known as O-Ringen. This year it is being held south of Stockholm in the small town of Eksjö in an area that has plenty of nice terrain that has been used for many high profile events. Let the sun shine for our kiwi friends over there, and may they all have some great success.

For those who do not know already O-Ringen comprises of 5 events for everyone (except Super Elites). The first four races are normal individual races with the last race a chasing start based on your total time behind the leader for the previous 4 days events. Each class has a huge number of compeditors in it around 150-200 on average.

Carsten Joergensen is currently in 3rd place overall for the H35 grade after 3 races. Thomas Reynolds is doing the best of the H20 elite boys in 52 so far and Jenni Adams the only other the break into the top 50 in 15th place. You can find the results here, or if you just want to check out the Kiwi's results...kiwio is pretty good at sorting it all out and you can find them on maptalk.

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