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Friday, 10 August 2007

1) A Culture of Excellence

Yeah what does this mean?

Our culture is the sum of our combined behaviour and beliefs towards orienteering. We need to shape this towards a search for excellence in our sport.

When I think of excellence I think of the All Blacks catch phrase "continuous improvement". Excellence doesn't standstill, it is dynamic. It's like an orienteering mistakes, your perception of it changes as you and your environment change.

Seeking excellence involves not accepting the status quo, it involves identifying barriers and seeking out ways around them. It involves consciously accepting the challenge of trying to be the best you can be.

A worthy goal I reckon

ideas for developing a culture of excellence

1)positive peer pressure, eg triathlon, accountability to your peers for performance, dedication, to develop recognise members of squad who always give it their all, set high standards.

2)set clear goals as a group, don't settle for mediocrity, continuous improvement. Us against the world mentality, we are a small community but we can achieve big things, again look at the kiwi triathletes or Arthur Lydiards runners, excellence can and does arise from small groups that face big hurdles and accept the challenge of overcoming them.

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