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Friday, 10 August 2007

SPARC High Performance Athletes Needs

Hey, have spent a little bit of time today checking out the experts advice on what high performance athletes need The points below are straight from the SPARC Coach Development Framework.

At first glance they seem pretty sound. I am keen to get people thinking about these outcomes and how we can provide them in an NZ Orienteering HP context. This is in lieu of our goal setting weekend (evening for SIers) in September. I will discuss my brief thoughts on each point one a day for the next 17 days, starting today (since its always best to start today!).

This probably bores some of you to tears, but oh well, the status quo just isn't good enough anymore.

1)A culture of excellence 2)Input into vision,goals and planning 3)Expert technical and tactical coaching-group and individual 4)Exposure to cutting edge, innovative coaching that acknowledges research and overseas best practice 5)Performance based, individualised, specialist, support services 6)specific, individualised, periodised training programmes 7)to be challenged and work to the limit 8)a focussed high quality training environment 9)training opportunities that prepare them for a changing environment and performing under pressure 10)Opportunity to make decisions, innovate and try new ideas 11)Regular access to high quality technology, equipment and facilities 12)Timely and clear technical and performance feedback based on expert analysis - individual/group 13)Clear understanding of where they are at and ideas for improvement 14)A coach who creates a positive environment, provides leadership, and role models expected behaviours and ethics 15)Recognition of efforts and performances 16)Having views and opinions valued and respected 17)Lifestyle and longer term/planning support

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