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Wednesday, 15 August 2007

4) Exposure to cutting edge, innovative coaching that acknowledges research and overseas best practice

Ok great we can make this work! I love SPARCs new framework there seems to be a real focus on "innovation" which is great. For way too long we have had the mindset, we need to do what the Scandis are doing. I need to move to Scandinavia and learn to orienteer like them. What we need to do is take the best bits out of the Scandinavian/Continental orienteering schools, mix them together and add the kiwi spark. On the physical side of things we need to try and hook up with some of the more established endurance sports, triathlon, athletics and try and get some of their secrets, some of their cutting edge coaching practice, based on research. Right, my plans then (some off the top of my head, others not). 1) I'm going to get in touch with some other high performance sports, starting with triathlon to see if we can get some cross code co-operation going. 2)I'm going to take a bit of time next year to go and study some coaching methods around the place, both in Scandinavia and Continental 3) I'm going to encourage innovative thinking. What are you going to do? The least you can do is train bloody hard, preferably on terrain, cause this will still be the bottom line!
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