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Tuesday, 14 August 2007

3)Expert technical and tactical coaching-group and individual

ok, not so sure where I'm going to start here (maybe thats why Flynn was bugging me to write this). I think its pretty damn obvious we need more of the above but how to get it...

my first step from here is to get NZ route gadget cranking, get all the maps from the big comps up and cajole/coerce everyone into putting their routes up. Having splits is one thing, but looking at them combined with route choice is going to be an amazing tool for any athlete or coach seriously looking at improving performance

It will allow people to see the legs that they are keeping up, and think about their strengths and weaknesses against other athletes. It will be easier to determine the type of mistakes being made, the time, and with further interrogation the thought processes behind them.

Not the be all and end all, but hopefully it will get people thinking and talking about orienteering technique/tactics and create a clearer picture in coaches/athletes mind on skill development needs and contribute to a greater quality of technical training sessions when the opportunity arises.

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