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Monday, 27 August 2007

The Week thats been

Hey, busy week around the place, none more so than over in Ukraine where our dudes battled it out with the best in the business. While no truly outstanding results in the finals full kudos to Chris, Tan and Ross for making that grade. Maybe next year will see you back up there Rob. It sounded like a hell of a challenging WOC, and while I haven't had time to sit down and analyse any courses yet I'm looking foward to it...maybe we can get a few discussions going and hopefully Ross will be able to bring his maps up to the Taupo training weekend. Other happenings: Brent is nearing the end of the XPD chasing Robbie Prestons team for the win. Bryn ran a half marathon last week which I have officially stopped looking for the results of as they are still not up...unlike the Coromandel Classic results which were available the moment competitors crossed the line, courtesy of sportident and CMOC. The results showed Rachel Smith in her first multisport race finishing 2nd...and that includes riding a shitty old mtb on the roadbike stages.. I better get my A into G with those athlete needs postings...but I seem to spend my NOS time chasing people up about profiles, paying for stuff etc...instead of doing constructive stuff. Take care out there people and train hard Jamie
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