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Wednesday, 22 August 2007

6)specific, individualised, periodised training programmes

All athletes need individualised, periodised training programs, orienteers in my opinion especially so. We are a diverse bunch of athletes, who race over lengths from 10 minutes to 100. We have many different body shapes and race tactics. Its my goal to see all the athletes in our hp programme on a good programme. One problem we have is a lack of coaches, there are very few. Some squad members are coached by family or people from other sports but some have had very little support at all. Over the next 6 months I plan to work with squad members to help them find appropriate coaches and mentors. As a first step what I have been encouraging is the use of which is an online training log. This at least provides people an online community to which they are in someway accountable for their training. It also provides very handy graphs for looking back at your training to determine the structure you should press forward with. I am also investigating the best way of providing online training programmes which can be slightly modified for individuals. So when it comes down it I can at least help people out a little myself if need be.
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