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Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Whats going on around the place? Over the ditch they have named their WOC team, with no men present. Australia has finally fallen victim like us to the difficulties of the annual event. The dilution of the WOC brand continues full steam ahead. For those interested in their introspection and insecurities there is a long discussion over on attackpoint.

Meanwhile the JWOC blog continues to provide interesting reading with Jourdan bullying some weekend warriors into submission in the Cape Brett B grade race and Tom map reading while aqua jogging!

Chris, Ross and Bryn have all been quiet, although Chris rumour has it, has a job starting in September which should see the wolf from the door, and keep them happily in Norway for a while. The poor Norwegians won't know what they've unleashed when he gets to grips with their terrain. It reminds me of a Pearl Jam song....

"seemed a harmless little boy...but we unleashed a lion....."

And the rest of us are looking despondently at the forecast for the Super Series final on the weekend. Storms. Its another Simon Addison inspired event: middle on detailed rock and night sprint, followed by a long fast farmland classic then a mass start romp around Aramiro. Should be awesome!

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