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Friday, 15 May 2009

Off like Flynn

I caught up with Greg Flynn the other night and he has exciting plans for this orienteering season. Not one but two trips to Europe. Firstly to Finalnd and Norway for a month for some World Cups...then three weeks in Hungary for the World Champs. I asked Greg a couple of questions for public consumption....

Photo: Rob Crawford

How are you feeling about orienteering at the moment?

I'm loving it, loving the fact that I can actually run and not feel like a massive blob of lard running through the forest....I'm really enjoying my training, doing hard sessions that I haven't been able to do for years

And whats your plan between now and when you head overseas?

Train to my plan. a nice balance between quality sessions & building up some mileage

I'm thinking, good luck with it Greg and make the most of those chances! I'm also thinking while it is hugely motivating to see the improved performances of our top elites like Ross and Chris over in Europe. Its also great to see some others taking positive steps forward, creating new habits and making the most of the time and resources that they (and most of us reading this blog) pour into orienteering. Don't just accept your place in the pantheon of orienteers.

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