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Monday, 3 August 2009

The indecisive day

So my day was pretty indecisive and I didnt even leave home, but the Fornicator was out there cruising around the Swiss town of Schwyz in the Swiss O Week which kicked off on Sunday. Chris appeared to have a pretty decent run finishing 14th in the M21E class of the sprint overnight. Emily Wall and Cris Lovell-Smith were some of the other NZers spotted running around Switzerland.

And all the while they were busy trying to make quick decisions Neil, Carsten and Todd were battling it out in the Heart of Scotland in the Scottish 6 Days that also kicked off overnight. Carsten cracked the top ten, Neil the top 25 and Todd in the mix somewhere. I couldnt spot any other kiwi's, Im guessing Karyn and Jenni were there and maybe one or two others running around in kilts playing the bagpipes.

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