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Monday, 17 August 2009

Recent happenings

While we all wait for the next round of WOC qualification races I thought I'd mention some of the recent happenings around Christchurch and the OSQUAD Blog.

First off it seems that my prediction was right according to the results of my highly scientific poll that Orienteers tend to be interested in Engineering. The highest number of votes was in the Other category which was probably to be expected as Orienteers tend to have strange passions outside of Orienteering and hence a wide range of jobs.... One category I probably could have also included was one for teacher/lecturers. But as I have found out you cant win 'em all.

Rogaining has become quite a large sport in Canterbury over the past few years, I think mainly due to the Taylors Mistake Rogaine series started up by Jamie and the many passionate PAPO orienteers who are also heavily keen on rogaining. This weekend Darfield High School Held the Annavale Amble/Attack 3/4 hr rogaine as a fund raiser for the school. It turned out to be a highly successful event and a great idea for a fund raiser with over 80 teams turning up. Of course it was down to Orienteers when it came to winning with Matt Scott and Michael Smithson connecting all except one of the dots to win first prize and a romantic Jet boat trip for two. Greig Hamilton and Tim Sikma dropped a couple of controls to slot into second and not far behind Rogaining specialist Tim Farrant and myself in third. Lara Prince's Team of four won the Open Women's category by a clear margin but still was not fast enough to beat her Mum! All in all it was an Awesome day out in the hills.

One thing I have noticed recently is the rise of the "Adventure Racers/Multi-sporters" doing well in Rogaines. It seems some of them are finally starting to understand the tactics and skills involved in Rogaining and the finer points of Navigating precisely.

Today's post has been proudly brought to you by the Bivouac Outdoor Night Navigation series. This event has been running for around ten years, held annually in Christchurch as a fund-raiser for the Southerly Storm Orienteers. Funds raised over the years have been used for various things such as subsidies for travel costs to Super Series events and Team uniforms. This year the 3 events all start from Spencerville on successive Wednesday Nights beginning the 2nd of September. So if your in Christchurch with nothing to do and dont fancy boy racer cruising on a Wednesday evening then come out and give it a go! The specific details:




· LOCATION: 2nd September : Spencerville Picnic Ground

9th September: Spencerville Picnic Ground

16th September: Spencerville Picnic Ground

· REGISTRATION: From 6.00pm


· START: 7.00pm

· GEAR: Torch or headlamp, compasses for hire

· INSTRUCTION: Freely available from 6pm

· COSTS: $12 per race or $30 for all 3 races

Students/unwaged: $6 per race or $15 for all 3 races

Electronic Punch Hire: $3 per race or $5 for all 3

(Sport Ident)

CONTACT: Carsten Joergensen 9601345


Major Prizes and Spot Prizes Sponsored By: Bivouac Outdoor

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