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Friday, 14 August 2009

WOC - final training camp day 4

Not much to report today, most of us were having a final hit out, that was on Olasz-kapu, it was another longish drive up through a semi-close nature park, by semi closed it meant we had to pay to drive in. Also having the full team meant someone was in the boot, Bryn drew the short straw on the way there and thankfully I managed to hitch a lift back with the Danes (wasn’t too much of a problem to organise, considering our entire support crew is Danish). This map was a bit older and Chris found lots to scrutinise, it was also mapped rockier but didn’t seem that different to the other places we have been. Again visibility was good, and the biggest help is just looking around and using the obvious features. This afternoon we moved in to our official WOC accommodation, in the Uni Hotel, its much nicer than anywhere else I’ve stayed for a NZ representative trip. We also had our first ‘serious’ team talk with Koach Kenneth, about the competitions and oing, it was good as he put some pretty straight forward, common sense stuff on the table, which I’ve never had come from a coach before, and made some good points about certain techniques for certain controls (don’t want to give to much away...)
(Typical forest, photo stolen from an Irish, but he owes me money so its ok)
Its really starting to feel like WOC is here, we have our accreditation IDs and final bulletin packs and the team seems relaxed and comfortable and I’m getting amped, just the way I like it.
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