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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Quidditch Orienteering

Howdy everyone, During one of our wellington potlucks i think i agreed with jamie to become a contributor to the osquad blog, and a month or two later... here's my first post. So from now on i guess i'll be giving a female perspective, a wellington perspective, a younger perspective, and well, my perspective on the world of orienteering. So yeah, i'll be posting some thoughts and experiences from world games in the hopefully not too distant future. But in the meantime here's something i found whilst procrastinating at uni today: Quidditch Orienteering! No, im not obsessed with Harry Potter or anything, but this does sound like a cool training exercise, bit of fun. First trials were carried out on Sunday in Waltham, USA, can't wait to try it out at junior camp or with the wellington o-gang!
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