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Friday, 7 August 2009

Professional traits in Orienteers

In a Job interview yesterday I found myself rambling on about how I did Orienteering and how its just like Engineering problem solving. You have to make a decision like do I go up and over the hill Chris Forne style with all sorts of technical detail or do I go hard round the hill with easier navigation...or Do I (using the former America's rule for example) Make a fast light boat with short waterline length and small sails or a big heavy sucker with a massive water line length and sail area....

As far as Im aware by enlarge Engineering is the most prolific profession in Orienteering circles within New Zealand. But recently I read an article on the Coast to Coast that in the early days the most common profession in the race was to be a Doctor but now has been over taken by students. So I was wondering what are people up to these days what degree are they studying for and what profession they have ended up in. So I have made a poll if your keen to vote with what I thought were the most common profession/degrees in Orienteering today.

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