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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

WOC - final training camp day 2

Today we awoke to some light rain and cooler weather (22 degrees) which was a nice change and very good for training. A sport ident course was set up by the organisers and we thought it might be a chance to spot some other teams as well, a few familiar faces here and there but it looks like the majority of people are leaving their arrival until later, I suppose thats what you get when can get on a plane for only a couple of hours and do up to 4 trips in advance....
The training was on Tamás-kút, that should be relevant to the Middle and Relay. The lime burning pits were obvious and good to use (the curved earth wall like symbol), where as the charcoal burning places were useless and nonexistent (brown X). We all found it much better with actual controls at the sites, and mostly hit them all pretty good with Chris feeling more confident now, has he enjoyed giggling up all the hills and through the green.
This was all done by lunch time, so when we got back it was eating time, but after placing some trust in Ross to be able to feed himself today, that was quickly lost and tomorrow he is back on the bottle.
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