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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

WOC - final training camp day 1

The NZ WOC 2009 team (minus Koach Kenneth) all arrived in Miskolc last night, with Bryn, Ross, Maja and Myself driving from Budapest, and Chris magically appearing at the accommodation (which was a surprise since no one had heard from him since Jukola and we had no idea what his plans were) After some difficultly trying to sort out that had actually booked in for the training camp (an email was lost and our final booking was never received) we smoothed things out and all got our rooms at the pretty sweet Miskolc University, slightly more up market than the derelict mental hospital that was the base for JWOC 01. Today was planned around 2 short and sweet sprint trainings, with the sprint boys checking out the terrain and racing some route choices. The first area was around the cave baths complex with some steeper forest slopes and a flatter park like area. The second a much steeper forest and some urban streets to finish on. The results, 'dirty d' pants are awesome (they are so comfortable and everybody should buy some), Ross thinks Chris is a nutter by the way he was canning it down some steep rocky bits, and the 3 of them are looking fit and fast!
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